In an effort to provide a complete service,  Segway Composites now is please to provide a state of the art cutting service which utilizes and                     (APS 3000)shaping machine that has been extended out to 20 feet!  We have also incorporated into our business a full service glassing facility and will utilize Resin Research Epoxy and a wide variety of processes and materials.
Segway Composites is a design studio for the development and manufacturing of various composite products.  We specialize in the use of a variety of  composites, core materials,  arimid fabrics, such as  Kevlar, along with carbon fiber, hybrids, fiberglass, and other technical fabrics.
Segway Composites is  now  operational and the assets are being sold .  Please contact Nick  Scheef at  714.356.2157
Segway Composites has developed                                an EPS foam surfboard and paddleboard blank operation to support the progressive surfboard and sports industry.  As a composite company, we strive to produce the finest quality products efficiently and economically. 
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